Lara De Ann

Love and Loss poetry

A Year

It took me a yearA year in everydayEveryday immersed in some part of youThat brought up some pain in me.I visited each moment of my memoryStuck in time on some visualLike your smile when you were happyYour tears of laughter when you left yourself open and unedited,Stuck in time on some soundThe sound of my …

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So many talks on phone and on skype So much time deliberating what to do or not do Seems it was back and forth for an eternity Like we had always known each other And known the distance like a tight glove Known the physical distance that sometimes Paralleled the emotional distance When mind and …

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Door Open

You left the door open and I walked on through. You left the door open and I walked on through.   I gave you a chance, then another, then another and another. I thought tolerance was a virtue until I saw the door was open. I thought I should stay and work things out, mend, …

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Steep Journey

Turning ‘round to face Mecca – not the one in the Middle East, the one east of me, in the Coachella Valley of California. Sort of screwed up by my lack of spontaneous travel nowadays, making stories of others’ adventures enough for me as I sit in my arm chair… …You were my Adventure – …

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