Lara De Ann

Love Poems

Where are You?

Where are you? I pretend that you will knock on my door later this evening. I pretend that you exist I pretend that I know what you look like That the sound of your voice is close to my skin That you are perfect for me in your uniqueness I pretend that you exist. Do …

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I Wish

I wish I knew That you were my star Shining with me. I wish I knew That our hearts made music In between the beats When we stopped to listen. I wish I had pitter patter in my pulse Excited each day to see you. I wish I knew That I desired to wake up …

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I Hope

I hope that when I see you again After almost two months of physical separation That my eyes meet yours That my eyes let you know You are loved. I hope my eyes grab you in, hold you and kiss you All in one glance. I hope my heart pitter patters To your heart, Forming …

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Unconditional Love

Abundant, Unconditional, Phenomenal Love We wait patiently, Until we find you- Until you find us- Until we go within and create it there, We may be an empty vessel Waiting for paint to color our insides We might be a hollow for God’s Grace, Waiting patiently to hear our calling. I wait God, to be …

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