Lara De Ann

Spiritual Poetry

The Sacred

The sacred has been lostLost….The mundane moved into all spacesand crowded out the silenceCrowded out essence and beautyDiminished the sacredDulled the awesomePolluted purity.The moment lacked its momentof who it wasHow can we erase this noisy clutter?-that is not ours-that belongs to no one-that wishes to eradicate sensitivity and innocenceI gave you a giftbut you rejected …

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Why do we Chant?

Why? Why do we? Why do we chant? Why do we chant to the Gohonzon twice a day? Sitting on a chair, on the floor, cross legged, on a pillow, With or without candles lit? Facing the Mandala of Light Nirchiren Daishonin’s gift Of Blessed Chinese characters Looking, gazing, mesmerized As we chant Nam Myoho …

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Spirit Heart

I gave you hands and feet If you cannot use them or you do not have them, Trace your veins to their origin. They express your heart. And if you cannot wave Hello and Goodbye Walk around, run, catch a bus or trim your own toe nails, Then trace those appendages up through their arteries, …

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Do Not Hurry

Do not hurry There will be time for everything, At least, that is, everything that is really important. Do not hurry, Just sit to watch the water falling to the next rock, follow a drop with your eyes and watch it. Do not hurry. And then you may realize The Gratitude you feel For having …

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