Lara De Ann



Sometimes everybody makes mistakesEverybody does the best that they can-Well not everybody, but we like to say we areSometimes we fail-well, not really, we just judge ourselves harshlySometimes…Everyday feels like desperation,Devastation, inspiration, manipulationBy a world that wants us to changeWants us to move forwardWants us to improveThe Universe hates stagnationEven a stagnant pondHas something growing …

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Fear, don’t believe it. Would you? When you say you pray, When you say you are a positive person, When you go to church or temple, Would you still have Fear? Are your prayers worth anything then, when you follow them with short breaths and sweaty palms? When your anxiousness is stronger than your faith …

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In The Ring

We wrestle with life, Push it away, Yank on it Complain about it And want more of it as it gets closer to the end.   We struggle against it: Its complicated details Its complex paths Convoluted and difficult Like a maze We must find our way through Like a riddle that answers us with …

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