Lara De Ann

Various Poetry

Expression Starter

Each encounter we make Could possibly be a key We so desperately need To open a part of ourselves We kept hidden.   What a pleasure To have ourselves unlocked To begin a new direction – within –and without the burden of self-doubt That stops the world from moving forward.   Sometimes something happens -which …

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‘Bout the Sea

I am reading about the sea And I realize my life shares some parallels With its non-linear space That sort of fills every crack with aqueous salty presence. I felt that today With no boundaries to define my life It only existed because I was in it, in a body Besides that, my life stretched …

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Missing You

I thought you were real I thought you were “the one” I thought my day began and ended with you I felt a connection to you That surpassed so many other connections And then the wind came It blew my hair into a spin For a moment my vision blurred And when I cleared my …

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