Lara De Ann

Wedding Poems

Oceans of Love

We often swim in oceans, Hoping to find one that moves our current Just in the right direction Hoping to find one that always sees us with loving eyes And helps us to see ourselves in greater ways Love is this mutual support That reminds us that We are love And helps us to express …

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Love as Living Art

Love wants to come out Wants to demonstrate Wants to caress Wants to march To run To dance It has no boundaries It’s only desire, to be expressed Some translate love into art Into writing Into cooking Into sailing Into dancing Into singing Some care for others Some feed animals Some feed people Some travel …

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Your Love

One day you will be able to describe the indescribable One day you will be able to put down on paper your feelings and emotions But on this day, they are in flight, they cannot be put to words They dance on the wind and sing in your ears They flutter about your face like …

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