Welcome to the Poetry Blog of Lara De Ann.  It is my intention that you really enjoy reading the spiritual poetry, poems for weddings, love poems, poems about life and loss, triumphs and tragedies.  These poems “came” to me to write and it is my wish to share them with you for encouragement, inspiration, and to help name and frame what needs to be expressed within you….

Featured Poem:


Life can change in an instant –
One word, one look,
One magic incantation
One prayer without resistance
And there it is: Complete Change
Another direction that previously had no name appears,
There was no sign post,
No traffic light
No direction book to decipher
No loud flashing lights
Maybe a small buoy far offshore gave a faint fog call
To notice the change in wind direction.
Quickly tighten the sails, change tack,
No, take down the sails,
The current goes on its own.
If we don’t resist the wind
We get to the other side of the moon in a moment’s flash.
Put the anchor up for sale
There’s no point to stopping once flow takes us.
We can rest here and there,
But it is easier to become comfortable
With rockets underneath feet.
The other side of the moon, unchartered territory,
Meant only for discovery
Then life has no craters to stagnate in,
No hidden lakes that are still,
Instead, there are rivers and oceans all in movement
Like a messenger from Mercury
Ready with Cupid’s arrow
To pierce through the veils of illusion
To uncover a Love
That only songbirds know,
Now, their theme is made public
And all lakes turn to rivers
Meeting at the sea
That pushes one to go downstream
Saying goodbye to resistance
And Hello! To the question mark
Which is really a winding river
With a sea at the end.
Swim, great current, swim.

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