Lara De Ann

House Blessings

Have you ever been in a house and felt energy that just didn’t feel right? Did it feel like it didn’t belong there or that it was someone else’s energy?  Sometimes houses need energetic uplifting. There might be heavy, stagnant or stuck energy that needs to be cleared.  Also, sometimes houses are filled with pleasant energy, but it may feel like someone else’s energy instead of your own.    
I use a combination of various modalities to shift the energy and make your house feel more harmonious.  Besides removing what is unwanted, I also add uplifting, peaceful energy.  
You might want a House Blessing when you move into a new home (house, apartment, condo, etc.) or when you go through a large shift and need your surroundings to change.
The fees for house blessings vary depending on the size of the dwelling and the actual circumstances. 

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