Lara De Ann

Insightful Guidance

I give Insightful Guidance based on my experience, studies, and intuition.  It is spiritual and yet non-religious so that everyone can benefit. I am able to shine light on the areas in your life where a new perspective is needed.  Everything in our life changes when we alter how we perceive ourselves.  It starts from within, then the outside begins to shift to match the energy of our internal transformation.  Life is too short to continue unneeded patterns that no longer serve.  Give yourself the gift of healing so that you can live the life you were born to live.

$60.00 per phone session

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I first became familiar with Lara De Ann at an event where she was displaying her goods and doing mini readings with people. There was a waiting line and I did not have time that day to wait, so I picked up a business card of hers. Quite some time down the road I was feeling a question as to the timing to go see my brother who was failing with lung cancer. I saw Lara De Ann’s card and decided to call her. She sensed my urgency and was readily available, which I greatly appreciated. I found her words to be extremely accurate and also comforting. Her guidance helped me to make my decision to fly back to my home state in time to spend a valuable day with my brother before his passing. Other suggestions she gave me were very helpful as well. I have been so grateful she was there to help me during this most important time for me with my brother.

I have used her valuable insight a few times since then and again have respected her wisdom and healthy guidance. She does not let you lean on her but assists you to strengthen your own guidance and also can give you a perspective and clarity you might not be able to see at that moment. Her loving and supportive communication is a very healing experience. I feel very comfortable to recommend her to anyone who might need some additional clarity in their life.

Linda Folk

“Dear Reverend Lara,

My family and I were at Calico this past Sunday and I was blessed by the Tarot reading you gave me. I just can’t thank you enough. I appreciate the time you took to teach and explain things to me. The peace I feel in my heart is something I have been striving to attain for many years now. I had it at one time and I have no idea where I lost it along my journey, but speaking to you really put things back into focus. I needed to meet you. You recommended two books for me to read, I am ordering The Law of Attraction today. I will start there. I also ordered the parable book from your web site. I read the review on it, and the stories seem to be broken down enough so that I may share them with my children.

Thank you again.

Jamie M.

“Lara’s insights are relevant and practical.  She has a knack for sensing solutions and outlining strategies for implementing them.”

C.R. Palm Desert

“I met Lara through an ad posted on a bulletin board at the Trader Joes’ in Cathedral City. I was going through a terrible divorce, custody battle and was recovering from a very dysfunctional marriage… that ended with a very horrible incident. My ex was going for full custody of our 3 month old son… with many more resources than me. I was, needless to say, in a state of true anxiety all of the time. Lara soothed me, is really all I can say… She comes from a very holistic, nature oriented, soul soothing mentality about life, and healing with a vision about the royalty inherent in us all… that revolves around forgiveness, light, kindness, breath, nutrition and the beauty of each of us and in the world… she is wonderful and was there for me over the course of many years and was truly a gift and a light.”

S. F. California

“Lara is such a genuine, loving person who has more insight than anyone else I’ve ever talked to. She can always pick up on the smallest things that are in my vibration, and bring things to the surface that I couldn’t put into words. She has such a fun energy and her readings are very honest, yet so gentle and encouraging. I really trust her.” 

T. Williamson, Colorado

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