Lara De Ann

Editing and Proofreading

I edit, proofread and help you write various types of documents. If you need help with school applications, essays, memos, letters, poetry or any other type of document, contact me by clicking the button below. I work with you to help you express exactly what you wish to convey. Please leave a message on my contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Outstanding, Flexible, and Supportive Tutor

I worked with Lara for about a month to review my college application essays. Throughout the entire college essay process, she was very supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and interest as I described my topics to her. She took the time to get to know me to tailor her guidance towards my interests. I also appreciated how she is very responsive and extremely flexible with scheduling classes. She went over and beyond with helping with the essays! It was very clear that she actually cared about the outcome of my overall application! – Anvita

Kind and Patient Tutor!

I had the pleasure of receiving Lara’s help on writing a personal statement for a Master’s in Psychology program. Lara guided me through not only the process of writing, but my own creative writing process so beautifully. She is kind, patient, and truly has a gift in helping others especially in the field of writing/English. Lara’s help for my personal statement allowed for me to truly express who I am so well that I got accepted into the Master’s program. Thank you so much Lara!! – Rachael

Lara Related to me Personally Even Though She Just Met Me

 I really needed someone like her to proofread my paper. Lara taught me how to write with description and imagery. I learnt how to make my reader, see my story and not just read a boring paper. She’s a great tutor that attempts to learns about you as best as she can to better improve your papper. She doesn’t try to replace our paper with fancy words, but make the words that you have chosen important to your story. She will always say ” Who are you writing to, what is your goal, keep [it at the ] back of mind while writing. Get out of the way and let the writing flow.” Having Lara as my tutor was what I needed in understanding my relationship to my paper. – Eve

A Sharp Personal Statement Proofreader and Editor

I would give Lara 6 stars if I could. She is the best tutor I have ever had (and this is not an exaggeration). She is: -Sharp. She thinks meticulously. -Fast. She understand your essay really quickly -Team Player. Lara asks the right questions and suggests a much better version of your essay. -An excellent Proofreader and Editor. She could notice all sorts of mistakes and clumsy language even after I polished my essay many times with other tutors. I have spent so much time on other tutors. If I knew about Lara before, I would not hesitate to talk to her first. Lara deserves to have a good raise! – Vadim

A Fantastic and Patient Tutor and Poet

She is a fantastic and patient tutor. If you have trouble writing poetry or need an edit for your works, call Lara then, she will try her best to help you the most Moreover, she will really bestow a poetic voice on you:) – Joy

Caring, Helpful Collaborator with Great Energy!

Lara was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she provide insightful suggestions to improve my paper but was also concerned about how I felt about the paper as a whole. She really worked to make sure I felt confident about what I was writing and helped me change my essay in a way that brought out that confidence. She was encouraging and patient and I would be lucky to work with her again. Thanks so much, Lara! – Julian

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