Lara De Ann


Lara’s soulmate took his life when they were 24 years old.  As a spiritual, creative person she was able to “hear” inner guidance and was led, many years later, to a petting zoo where she met Patches, the wise, elder goat.  He put his head on her heart for four glorious years and removed all of her grief.  Her journey with goats began with him.  She has been blessed by the companionship of goats that have become the pillars of her life.  Her intention is to create a sanctuary for goats and sheep in need that, in turn, can help heal veterans and other people who need healing.  She has received so much care from these animals and desires to pay it forward.  The sanctuary and healing center is still in the idea/dream state, but there is great hope combined with action to make it manifest. 

As a creative writer, there are a few stories on Kindle that she has written about her beloved goats.  There are also numerous books and poetry that she has written on various topics.  After her soulmate took his life, she went on a trust walk without money in order to forge a new identity.  Years later, it became a book: Piece of Planet or Planet of Peace; A Journey Through Letting Go Told in Prose and Poetry.  

As an empath, she is able to “hear” insightful guidance to help others who need an alternative perspective in order to move through challenges.  She conducts various spiritual services including weddings, memorials, house blessings, etc.

Many years ago, she had a vision very early in the morning of the World Peace Necklace.  A number of months later, she created the necklace in order to promote world peace by showing that we accept others, regardless of their belief systems.  

Lara has created digital downloadable Animal Birthday Cards to help active farm animal rescues and sanctuaries. Her Poetic Greeting Cards and Poetry Wall Art help fund her future sanctuary and healing center. 

Thank You!  Many Happy Blessings to you!  

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