Lara De Ann

Wilson and Dorothy

To Wilson and Dorothy
that have blessed our lives,
but are no longer the bodies
that we wrapped our arms around.

Losing you
is hard!
You were my companion
that I took care of
You were the bond that I counted on
To help me make sense out of the chaos in the world

Now that you are gone,
I hear the wind.
You once stood in the way of it ruining my hair
Now you moved away
and it blows me in directions I had not wanted to visit
I am slammed against a wall
With a swift shift in reality
My eyes no longer meet yours
Your energy no longer transforms mine
into a million smiles.
I’ll wait, though
for the wind to subside
while I hang onto the pieces of what is left
after your departure.
Your absence makes the silence more silent.
Now that you are gone,
I hear the wind.
It blows the thoughts of my mind into the empty fields
surrounding me,
making the silence more silent.
But if I strain to listen,
I can hear your message,
teaching me something about Love.
I think you try to let me know
that it never leaves,
but takes up space inside all of my empty spaces.

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