Lara De Ann

Roger (? – March 15, 2021)

I waited.
I waited until I could
spend two months in Goat Nirvana
I thought I had died
and gone to Heaven.
I had friends
Goats and humans
I had food
Good food
Food I didn’t have to look for
Food that didn’t make me sick
Plentiful food
And…clean water….
To drink water
and not have to find it.
It was there,
in a bucket.
And I had shelter,
didn’t have to always keep nearly half awake
watchful of the night.
It was all there for me!
These parts of survival
that many humans don’t even have to think about.
To say I am Grateful
is not to say anything.
I am beyond Grateful,
but there are no words in the human language
for the Gratitude that Goats know.
I thought I had gone to Heaven
when I landed in Goat Nirvana,
what you call Goats of Anarchy.
I waited.
Waited for my final breath
just a little longer
I knew it was coming
but I wanted to soak up more Bliss
at Goats of Anarchy.
I wanted you to know, using your human words,
that I am Thankful.
In Goat words,
I am thankful takes many days to express,
Sometimes many moons.
We embody it over time,
but for us, even “time” means something else,
for we live by the rhythms of
The Earth, Sun and Moon.
I waited for you to be supported
by what you call a “vet”
so you wouldn’t have to try,
try so hard to “save” me
It was my time.
I was allowed to stretch it
-just a bit –
To teach people
to not plant poisonous plants
if a Goat, like me, takes off for adventure
To teach people
to cherish their water
and leave some out
for Goats, like me, that take off for adventure
To teach people
that Goats, like me
all want to find a Goat Nirvana
I waited until I found mine.

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