Lara De Ann


Sometimes everybody makes mistakesEverybody does the best that they can-Well not everybody, but we like to say we areSometimes we fail-well, not really, we just judge ourselves harshlySometimes…Everyday feels like desperation,Devastation, inspiration, manipulationBy a world that wants us to changeWants us to move forwardWants us to improveThe Universe hates stagnationEven a stagnant pondHas something growing …

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The Sacred

The sacred has been lostLost….The mundane moved into all spacesand crowded out the silenceCrowded out essence and beautyDiminished the sacredDulled the awesomePolluted purity.The moment lacked its momentof who it wasHow can we erase this noisy clutter?-that is not ours-that belongs to no one-that wishes to eradicate sensitivity and innocenceI gave you a giftbut you rejected …

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A Year

It took me a yearA year in everydayEveryday immersed in some part of youThat brought up some pain in me.I visited each moment of my memoryStuck in time on some visualLike your smile when you were happyYour tears of laughter when you left yourself open and unedited,Stuck in time on some soundThe sound of my …

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Fear, don’t believe it. Would you? When you say you pray, When you say you are a positive person, When you go to church or temple, Would you still have Fear? Are your prayers worth anything then, when you follow them with short breaths and sweaty palms? When your anxiousness is stronger than your faith …

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Behind the Mask

Behind the mask Alone with my thoughts and feelings While looking out from tiny windows At the people gathered in front of me Staring down at the t.v. screen I hold I am silenced! They don’t hear me. I am silenced. Most don’t care. I want to scream, but I can’t. I want to fly …

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