Lara De Ann

The Sacred

The sacred has been lost
The mundane moved into all spaces
and crowded out the silence
Crowded out essence and beauty
Diminished the sacred
Dulled the awesome
Polluted purity.
The moment lacked its moment
of who it was
How can we erase this noisy clutter?
-that is not ours
-that belongs to no one
-that wishes to eradicate sensitivity and innocence
I gave you a gift
but you rejected it
by not noticing
I cleared the path
but you littered the entrance with trash.
I put before you
All that you would need to smile
but you looked the other way,
distracted by your reflection
in the murky pond.
I put music in the air
in the form of song birds
but you killed them.
I created colors for you to be amazed
but you swapped them for smog
as you rush
to where you do not want to go anyway.
I gave you what is natural
you laughed at Me
and grabbed for plastics
I am finished now
I have nothing more to give
you have emptied
all the goodness I planted
and substituted my Love
with Greed. 

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