Lara De Ann


 Fear, don’t believe it.
Would you?
When you say you pray,
When you say you are a positive person,
When you go to church or temple,
Would you still have Fear?
Are your prayers worth anything then,
when you follow them with short breaths
and sweaty palms?
When your anxiousness is stronger than your faith
in goodness prevailing?
Some of us cannot afford the luxury of negativity.
Some of us cannot afford the luxury of fear.
We know that fear will not get us our next meal
We know that fear will not save our children
We know that fear will not help us
to manifest what we need to survive
Never mind about desires, we focus on our needs,
but how can they manifest
if we tighten our jaws and grind our teeth,
if we pace back and forth and feel worry
more than we do gratitude?
We focus on our stress and blow it up
to the size of the planet
instead of looking at the detail of what
was on our plate this morning,
that we ate without a second thought
without a moment of Awareness of
Appreciation for what we have.
We all do this.
We take for granted our shoes
and our tissues to wipe our eyes
of the tears coming down from dwelling
on lack.
We could be thankful instead.
We could share instead.
We could be helpful instead.
We could give what we can instead.
We could also receive
Sit and receive
the flow of energy
that is there constantly
waiting for us to grab it
so it can whisk us away
to a better reality
full of everything we asked for.
Don’t dwell on the small details
of not enough,
Don’t dwell on the small imperfections
until they are no longer small.
Instead, wait, breathe, focus
I’m sure there is something
trying to get your attention
That is pretty,
That has harmony
That is plentiful
That is simple.
I see an apple on the counter
and it beckons me to focus on it.
It is perfect.
I can use the apple to stop the madness.
I can focus only on it and let it take me fully
to the energy of Gratitude and Awe.
Then all else that is good can follow.
I can look into the eyes of my Goats
and see perfection there
and let that be my meditation,
so that the evils of the world
no longer have my cell phone number.
I can make one thing that I can focus on
take me to a better reality.
I cannot save this world,
but I can focus on someone loving
and exclude everything else.
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