Lara De Ann

Missing You

I thought you were real I thought you were “the one” I thought my day began and ended with you I felt a connection to you That surpassed so many other connections And then the wind came It blew my hair into a spin For a moment my vision blurred And when I cleared my …

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Bold Sharing

You wear your scar bravely on your face for all to see While most of us try to conceal our scars on the inside that sometimes leak out and create chaos. If we haven’t processed our own inner scars we may not know how to be around you Who so boldly shares theirs with the …

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I used to make time for writing poetry I used to view the open sky with a patch of summer in the winter, able to see inside of every paper cup to find the tea leaves prophesizing of a better place. I used to be so Neptunian that my Joy touched the ceiling, pierced through …

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Changes Life can change in an instant – One word, one look, One magic incantation One prayer without resistance And there it is: Complete Change Another direction that previously had no name appears, There was no sign post, No traffic light No direction book to decipher No loud flashing lights Maybe a small buoy far …

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