Lara De Ann

The Ascension of the Flying Purple Caterpillar and other Spiritual Parables


The Asension of the Flying Purple Caterpillar and Other Spiritual Parables is a collection of short stories that “came” to me mostly at three in the morning when most people are either sleeping or writing. I frantically recorded what I heard in my head which feels much like chasing a kite in the wind and grabbing it before it gets blown into another hemisphere. This book is composed of twelve parables that are mostly spiritual yet not religious. The last two were put into another book that is a collection of stories I wrote called The Camphor Tree Stories. These parables are very helpful, fun to read, and can be read aloud to others in a group setting.

Lara’s parables skillfully convey many of life’s important lessons:
– Be true to yourself
– You can always find all of your answers inside of yourself
– Each person has been given unique gifts that are meant to be shared with others
– Inner peace comes from letting go of all judgments and expectations


The Ascension of the Flying Purple Caterpillar and Other Spiritual Parables deeply resonates with my spirit.  As a psychotherapist, I felt my passion come alive as I became excited about the prospect of sharing these parables with my clients. What Great therapeutic tools these parables have become for me!  They have served as catalysts for deep awareness in my clients.  I have also read these stories to my children and they have been received with great enthusiasm!  Lara De Ann is a creative genius whose works can profoundly affect people of all ages.

– Respectfully, Karen P. Short, LICSW

All of these stories are so wonderful… My son goes to pick it out at bedtime to hear… They are all rich with wonder of the world and its happenings… and opens our own memory of true connection to it. Really recommend… just beautifully written, simple stories about all the beauty that surrounds us and the potential that is within us.

– Stacy, Ohio

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