So many talks on phone and on skype
So much time deliberating what to do or not do
Seems it was back and forth for an eternity
Like we had always known each other
And known the distance like a tight glove
Known the physical distance that sometimes
Paralleled the emotional distance
When mind and heart did not connect
We waited it out anyway, endured and found no peace within the waiting
We had hope, anticipation, fights and mending
But now the tide is calm and I cannot hear any birds
I do not hear the fish swimming against any current
I hear nothing, not the sound of the waves back and forth on a course sand beach
Not the wind, nor do I feel the sun on my back or on my face
I hear and feel nothing.
Numb, like my fingers in a chilled stagnant snow,
Cold and stoic.
I am not lost, nor found.
I simply exist along with many others.
I no longer take up space in your mind.
I didn’t take up much space in your heart
I made you my center and waited for it to blossom
It neither blossomed nor found its roots.
We simply drifted.

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