‘Bout the Sea

I am reading about the sea

And I realize my life shares some parallels

With its non-linear space

That sort of fills every crack

with aqueous salty presence.

I felt that today

With no boundaries to define my life

It only existed because I was in it, in a body

Besides that, my life stretched

from one horizon to the next

Met islands and other land masses

Kissed rivers and slept on sandy beaches.

But, there were no definite lines to map its way

I could be put on a map, like the ocean

But, as a subject, I could not be mapped

My life was as a dog pees

Running multi-directional across many planes,

Shapeless, yet nonetheless nurturing the ground.

I hereby committed my life

To be like the sea

It had presence yet lacked a coherent story line

It had depth yet had no beginning, middle nor end

It had mystery and could not be understood.

It was a poem without rhyme

A book with no edges or words.

My life was like the sea.

And this time I embark on it –

This time without judgment

Yes, it should look like something

But even the mere mention of “should look like”

Connotes negative judgment

So, let’s just call me an experiment.

It will change and change again

But most of it has been the meantime.

I stop trying to make sense out of it

I stop trying to buy it clothes

So that I can see what it looks like

It just is an enigma, like the sea.

It has movement,

but who knows where it really goes,

Although I am told sometimes

it goes up to the clouds to hide

And then comes back down again in tears

Perhaps this time the tears have no emotion,

But simply are water droplets

That fall onto a face

Simply because the face is there.