Lara De Ann

Do Not Hurry

Do not hurry

There will be time for everything,

At least, that is, everything that is really important.

Do not hurry,

Just sit to watch the water

falling to the next rock,

follow a drop with your eyes

and watch it.

Do not hurry.

And then you may realize

The Gratitude you feel

For having eyes to see.

Do not hurry.

And when you begin to slow

And see, and watch

Slowly, one Gratitude begets another

And having eyes to see

Now also becomes Gratitude

For legs that have gotten you this far along the road.

And though at times,

You may call this road long and lonely,

It is a good road,

When you take away

The demands you place upon it.

When you do not hurry

You make friends with those on the road

And become Grateful for them as well.

Then it is no longer a long road,

But a road long enough

But feels short when you get near the end.

Then the road is now not lonely,

But quietly serene,

As you enjoy your own company,

That sometimes gets complimented by another,

In the appropriate timing.

Then it is no longer a long and lonely road,

But dips and forks when it should

And becomes gravel and back to paved

When you are ready,

When you do not hurry,

But let life be its own experience

Without your constant input

Of how your ego mind thinks it should go.

Relax.  Surrender.  Receive.  Allow.  And Trust.

And Trust these words that you hear whispered to you

When you are quiet enough to hear Me inside,

Between your nervous breaths,

Do not hurry!

I have put enough flowers on your path

For you to be inspired.

I’ve put enough people

for you to hear the words you need

From those who have opened their ears

To hear the words I planted there

So they might speak

And share Universal Wisdom.

I’ve put enough food on the Earth

For you to be nourished by

So that you have energy to dance

When you finally feel Me in your feet.

I’ve put enough rhythm in your Soul

For you to sing your way to Heaven.

Go now, but do not hurry.

Each step leads you somewhere

And you must listen in the silence

To hear the appropriate direction.

Go now, but do not hurry,

The road is long enough

But feels short when you get near the end.

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