Love as Living Art

Love wants to come out

Wants to demonstrate

Wants to caress

Wants to march

To run

To dance

It has no boundaries

It’s only desire, to be expressed

Some translate love into art

Into writing

Into cooking

Into sailing

Into dancing

Into singing

Some care for others

Some feed animals

Some feed people

Some travel around the world

And look at things

Some make it a big deal

Others express love quietly

In their own unique way

Unseen by most.

A couple to be married

Expresses their Love to each other

And makes an art of that

They exquisitely care for the other

They communicate impeccably

The uniting of their lives

is a holy undertaking

It is a living art

They have to give life to Understanding

Life to Compassion

Life to being Good Listeners

Life to being Good Enthusiasts

They have to bring Support

into each other’s lives

Helping the other reach their Dreams

some of which they share

others of which are uniquely their own.

They lead other couples by example

“Look!” they remind

“Look what Love can create!”

And their Love is alive because it is creative

It moves, it breathes,

it becomes all of who they are

They learn together every facet

of what Love means

Their life journey becomes the discovery of Love

in all that they do

in all that they are.

Marriage then, is not only about

Committing to one another,

it is about expressing Love

as Living Art

It moves, it grows, it learns

It teaches, it creates expansion

It pushes open the heart-center

from horizon to way past horizon.

Let this Love take you Home

to your True Selves

Let it wash away all that no longer serves

Let it expand your heart

so that your actions are infused with Grace

Let is saturate you

so that your state of being

becomes like a flowering poem

rhyming in all the right places

and pausing to allow feelings

at all the right times.

Let this Love become who you are

Learn to share it

as Living Art

that has no museum

but is displayed everywhere you are

letting the vibration of Love

pave the Way for all to follow.