No Rhyme, Just Reason

When we finally realize

that we’ve been given a life

-but for a long time

Lived it on another’s term

in another’s way

obligating our way to heaven

which never came anyway

Someday we realize

It’s all been a rhyme

we couldn’t wrap our beat around.

It seemed so trite and pointless,

rhyming words for no reason

just because they sounded the same

and looked similar

When we finally realize

ours doesn’t have to rhyme

nor does it have to have seams,

zippers, buttons, clasps and ties

to keep us all together

in seemingly one piece

I am not that.

But, I didn’t know it.

I didn’t know

that what really mattered to me

only mattered to me.

So I tried to make what mattered

stretch to other matters

Expand to matter to others.

When we finally realize

that some music

can only be heard by the one

playing it inside,

sometimes silently, sometimes loudly,

inside or outside,

it was only heard by the one.

When we finally realize

what matters

may only matter to us.