World Peace Necklace – 18″ Sterling Silver, World Peace Necklace


When people of all religions, race and creed realize they are All One, then the world will live in peace. Regardless of our belief system, we all desire happiness. We all desire to love and be loved. We are basically all the same underneath our surface differences. Our hearts beat in unison when we are at peace.  Do not change thy neighbor in order to love them. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Treat all others with kindness.
The World Peace Necklace comes in sterling silver, pewter and a beaded version.  
The Cross represents Christianity. The Star of David represents Judaism. The crystal represents New Age and non-denominational belief systems. The Buddha represents Buddhism. The Aum represents Hinduism. The crescent moon and star, the Chand Sitara, represents Islam. The middle charm has three dolphins surrounding the words ALL ONE.Type of crystal or mineral stone charm may vary.

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