To the Little Girl

Little Girl, Beware and be weary

Do not believe what you hear from your friends

Who watch the movies and read the fairy tales that we forbid

Do not listen to their stories,

To their wishes and fancies, woes and complaints.

They will tell you about a world of love outside of themselves

Of men loving them and them only

Of their true love sweeping them off of their feet

Forever and ever and ever

Caught in a trance dance without feet

And no ground to call home

Just a whirlwind of wishes

Without realization nor reality.

Do not listen to their sorrows

To their sob stories of the aftermath of a high that has descended

To the destruction of their soul

Through the heart of pain and broken dreams.

Do not go where they go,

I forbid you to ruin your mind and taint your future.

You are not to find love outside of yourself in the whimsy of a hormonal male

Looking to fill his cup with an empty vase that can hold his essence

Do not be void of your own sense of fullness

Do not fall prey to the trance of chemical attraction

Wait and observe, witness and be patient

If love comes at all, let it come from a different place

Do not succumb to the death of your own will

By the mesmerizing dance of seduction

It is only temporary, but is like a poison that controls to no end

Stay steadfast on your own goal,

Stay strong in your own focus.

Love may come, if it comes at all

In a calmly cultivated package of meaningful truths

But never as a substitute for your own self-love

And never as a band aid to fill emptiness with illusion