Lara De Ann

Complete Self-Love

I hear You call my name –

in my sleep,

beckoning me to awaken –

but not the awaken that morning brings –

rather to awaken to Complete Self-Love

which comes with understanding.

Understanding the nature of the Universe

and how it speaks to us and guides us –

even when we think we are lost.

Understanding ourselves

and the influence we have on our present moment

which colors the future.

Understanding the need to Focus on Good

and not focus on negative.

Understanding just how much we create –

with every thought/feeling/belief/knowing.

It is here, where we Surrender….

Surrender to Understanding

how things are the way they are

And how to bring ourselves back to center-


slowly sipping jasmine green tea,

calming every sense,

bringing us out of the stress of uncertainty

into the Awareness of Understanding.

Letting go of controlling a river, a stream, a brook, the ocean

that flow on their own

without the influence of a troubled mind.

Peaceful, like a pot of still tea

content to just be

content in complete self-love

to finally know oneself

Centered in Acceptance.

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