Lara De Ann

Spirit Heart

I gave you hands and feet
If you cannot use them or you do not have them,
Trace your veins to their origin.
They express your heart.
And if you cannot wave Hello and Goodbye
Walk around, run, catch a bus or trim your own toe nails,
Then trace those appendages up through their arteries,
I gave you a heart that wants to be expressed.
If you have not arms and legs to dance and sing your love to me
Then go straight to what is behind them:
I gave you a heart that beats.
What does it beat to?
What tempo makes it beat?
When does it sing softly to you, waking you up to a new reality?
What does it sing?
What makes it jump inside its casing, moving you to call its name?
What is its name and how does it call you?
I gave you a heart to express yourself.
If you have not arms nor legs, then go straight to the heart itself.
If you are tired and restless, anxious and hurried,
Complicated and complaining, tarnished and dried out,
Go straight to what I gave to you.
I gave you a Heart.
It has shape, it has purpose, it has reason, it has a need to express
It has all of you wrapped into it as it sends your blood out to your other parts
Sharing its essence with the rest of you.
Use it.
I gave it to you to express.
I created it inside of you to unlock its treasure
Only you hold its key.
Find it.
Find the rhythm of your heart and live it.
Let it beat into all of your parts.
Alive and sharing,
Shining and Magnetic,
Electric and Magical.
I gave you this heart
That is like a wish to uncover.
Follow any vein to it
Follow any path,
Only get there and use it,
Express it.
It is me. I hide inside of it.
I am Love wanting expression.

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