Where are You?

Where are you?

I pretend that you will knock on my door later this evening.

I pretend that you exist

I pretend that I know what you look like

That the sound of your voice is close to my skin

That you are perfect for me in your uniqueness

I pretend that you exist.

Do you?

Are you real?

Are you just what I created

or are you someone also looking for me?

Do you wonder where I am?

When I will show up in your life?

If our eyes will reveal our Soul Connection on first glance?

Do you wonder all of this as you lay awake at night?

Alone and pretending the pillow is another warm body

That holds you in the arms of a manifested miracle.

I do.

I wonder.

I hope.

I “see” you in my mind’s eye and hope that my imagination is real.

I hope that you are on this planet while I am,

that you are in a human body, but more than just human

Can you also be a Divine Being whose heart is made of pure Love?

That receives what I am and how I am, in this package that changes.

I am making you so evolved that we just glide through existence with ease.

I am making being with you so Fun that our laughter is the fountain of youth.

I am creating you to be a dream come true

-that thinks of me as his dream come true.

Can you be this?

Can you be this for me?

Can you knock on my door this evening,

and change the rest of my life

from wondering when you will show up

to being Thankful that you are finally here.

Can you be real also?

So that my imagination can now be used to create art pieces

And no longer be consumed with your arrival.

Can you finally get here

and stay long enough to be with me on my last breath?

This time I want to be the one that leaves first.