Estimated Arrival Time that Never Made it Past Departure

You came and went

Actually, you never really got here

But we were both waiting for that

The only way you could have stayed

– was to Change

With a capital “C”

This would have been like a plastic surgery

that you could never undo

It would have been the incredible change you were waiting for

All of your life

This would have been your stay card

The secret code that got you into the Red Carpet Room

The VIP lounge

The member’s only entrance

But, you left before you got here.

I wanted you to revamp your whole way of speaking

I had it planned

Had the books you needed to read,

Was going to be your coach, your leader

Your guide to change.

I was going to teach you a new language

One of kindness, one of compassion

One of sincerity,

One of listening,

Of caring

Of really hearing another

The art of communication

From crisis to intervention

From chaos to calm

From separation

To interconnectedness through language.

I was going to have you speak in a tongue

That was neither your mother’s

Nor your father’s,

But would have changed you to be the President of anywhere

Would have had you master communication

Like a song bird singing to its mate.

I had you this way…in my mind.

I had it all figured out.

I bought the book and underlined the important parts

Highlighted everything

And bent the top of the pages for future reference

I mapped it all out,

Was going to show you the world

Through effective communication

But you never returned with an RSVP

And the VIP of Master of Ceremonies over Communication

Never even got off the ground

It never even had an engine

Never even bought the book

Never read the email that I sent

Never agreed to meet, to talk, to share

Never made it past “hello”

Before we created the “goodbye”