I Belong to this Moment

I belong to this moment.

All of it, every second

And every part of me.

I am totally in this now

As if my life depended on it

Because it does…

I belong to this moment.

Not any part of me is somewhere else

My thoughts are not on breakfast for tomorrow

I am not worrying about the stock market

Or how my hair will look after I take my hat off.

No part of me is fretting about something else

No part of me is thinking about someone else,

Or if I should be different than how I already am in this present moment,


I am here.

I am Only here.

I belong to this moment.

And my life does depend on it

All of me is in All of this moment.

I feel my heart beating

I feel the blood moving through my veins

I feel the energy floating around me

And none of it is somewhere else.

In this crisp moment

There is only Here,

There is only Now

And I am in it



In Awe!

I am not fragmented into shattered pieces, going a mile a minute

To every shore and every nation

Every cell a different place

Without focus on any one thing in particular.


I am not scattered and shattered.

I find myself utterly here.

And I can breathe.

I can open my eyes further because they are both looking in the same direction

With me behind them.

I am in this moment so utterly complete

That I belong to it

And it belongs to me.

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