In The Ring

We wrestle with life,

Push it away,

Yank on it

Complain about it

And want more of it as it gets closer to the end.


We struggle against it:

Its complicated details

Its complex paths

Convoluted and difficult

Like a maze

We must find our way through

Like a riddle that answers us with another question.


I struggled with it.

Wept because of it.

Got sick from it.

Forgot I controlled most of it with positive thought and feeling.

Forgot, too, that I would love it

And sometimes hate it.

That it would baffle me,

but I’d always come back for more.


We often run and hide from this life

Scream and chase it on slippery embankments

Too steep to climb.

Finally we surrender to it,

realizing we influence it

by our tempo, our speed

our reluctance or embracing.

We accept it now.

Allowing life to no longer be the enemy it once was.

Now it is a quiet friend,

A loud obnoxious friend, a soothing friend

A high pitched opera

A low baritone crescendoing into something

we now crave, we now pine for,

we now give thanks for.

Its mysterious twists and turns

Its hot, cold, dry, swampy, warm,

complicated disposition that at once baffles us.

But we come back for more.

We beg for it.

Life becomes this gift

we never have to fight with again.

Having accepted its volatile changes,

Its high and low tones.

We now embrace life

Like an old friend

Like a lover we can never get enough of.

I no longer struggle you to the ground

and swim against your current.

I accept life and life accepts me.

I think I understand

that it doesn’t want to be understood.

It just wants to be loved.