Unconditional Love

Abundant, Unconditional, Phenomenal Love

We wait patiently,

Until we find you-

Until you find us-

Until we go within and create it there,

We may be an empty vessel

Waiting for paint to color our insides

We might be a hollow for God’s Grace,

Waiting patiently to hear our calling.

I wait God, to be filled

With my intentions

With my creations

With God’s essence of pure Love.

I waited, believing I’d be filled

By a Power Greater than I could conceive,

I waited.

Then I created,

Created this space to be filled with Unconditional Love

Whereas before I created conditional love

And took myself on a stormy voyage

That would have lasted for eons

In circles around any globe.

I somehow pulled myself out of that creation

and created another one,

This one has Unconditional Love as its center

And my name as its vibration.

I attach myself to Oneness

And forget the grueling uphill climb

That had once been too familiar

I let go of conditions

And now include you, too

You are fine, next to me

Whatever body you are in,

Whatever smile you carry

But, make this the only thing you carry

As the past holds too much weight

And we cannot wait any longer

For flaws to turn into perfections.

I dump the load

And fly around like a dragon fly’s first day

I am free now,

My Unconditional Love is now my base

I can stand on it to see the view

And Heaven looks better from up here.