What Am I Supposed to Do?

What am I supposed to do

With this energy

that has me a few feet above ground….

Soaring high to be able to see you

Just to feel you, I am on a lighter plane

And the heaviness of the past is gone from me.

I don’t even know myself anymore,

You entered my life

And my Soul now has a new address.

Will I ever get used to

The new drive to my new home

Or will it always seem crisp and exciting?

You improve everything you lay your eyes upon.

Just by knowing you, I am cleaner inside

And I smile more.

Life is now more simple

For I can now find happiness

in small details

And the need for events the size of skyscrapers

to make me happy

is gone.

I can now feel the beauty in a breeze

And peace comes to me on its own,

No longer having to beg for it.

Your presence in my life has me Grateful

for what has always been there,

but, my internal atmosphere

had been too loud to hear.

Now there is space for me to listen

To what really matters,

To be able to receive deeply what I see

And when I feel what you perceive.