I Hope

I hope that when I see you again

After almost two months of physical separation

That my eyes meet yours

That my eyes let you know

You are loved.

I hope my eyes grab you in, hold you and kiss you

All in one glance.

I hope my heart pitter patters

To your heart,

Forming their own music

That we will later dance to

I hope all of this

But, really I hope that our hands meet

And hold one another

With just our palms and fingers touching

Letting each other know we feel held,

we feel our souls connected,

As our hands clasp one another’s

In a hand holding where our hearts are in the center of our palms

pulsing secretly to each other

The whole world not being able to see

The secret of our hearts

Connecting and beating in our palms

So that when we are out n’ about

holding hands in public

No one needs to know

That we are really mingling our hearts

That we are really uniting our souls

That we are finding comfort in each other’s palms,

Secretly, mysteriously

Locking hands and fingers

As if they are the heart and soul of our union.

I hope my eyes feel this, too.

And my heart.

And my feet, walking next to you.

And my skin feeling yours near now.

My being quenched by your presence.

I hope my eyes tell you what you want to hear.